Igniting Curiosity Through the Power of Play

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Designed and developed by Perimeter Institute in collaboration with the Ontario Science Centre, this hands-on freestanding exhibit provides a simple demonstration of the process of science and scientific modelling.

Visitors can work individually or together to pull on the ropes and see some surprising results.  Using observation, creativity and collaboration, you can discover what you think might be happening inside!

Key learnings are;

  • Different models can explain the same phenomena
  • A model remains viable until new observations and data disprove it
  • Models can never be proven right, they can only be proven wrong
  • If a model is disproved, scientists must revise their models or create new models that explain the new observations

Come and check out the Black Box at the Children’s Museum in the 3rd floor STEM lab from September 12 to September 17.

More about the Black Box:

The What’s In The Black Box? has been showcased in the Innovation150 Power of Ideas Exhibition which is travelling to schools and science centres across the country in commemoration of Canada’s 150 anniversary of confederation.

The full Power of Ideas Exhibition will travel to approximately 60 communities across Canada throughout 2017, stopping in every province and territory, including the Far North. You will be able to follow the Tour’s progress online at innovation150.ca/tour.  Innovation150 is a Canada 150 Signature Initiative, funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage.