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About Us

The Children’s Museum has a robust series of Board-approved policies in effect that aim to protect staff, volunteers and visitors alike:

The Employment Policy is guided by Ontario Employment Standards Act, Worker’s Compensation Act, Employment Insurance Act, Human Rights Code, and Canadian Museum Association Ethics Guide, outlining recruitment and hiring procedures, requirement for police checks, orientation and training formats, and the requirement for CPR and First Aid Certification.

The Volunteer Policy details recruitment, application, hiring, training, supervision and ongoing development and recognition of volunteers. It also outlines the need for reference checks and submission of a Vulnerable Position Screening prior to hiring.

In response to Bill 168, the Workplace Anti-Bullying, Harassment and Violence Policy defines these behaviours, the roles and responsibilities of staff/volunteers and management, and details both investigation and response.

The Health and Safety Policy details the responsibilities and rights of the Board, staff, members of the Joint Health & Safety Committee and volunteers in maintaining a safe work and visit environment, as per the Health and Safety Act.

The Emergency and Security Policy outlines the training, documentation, first aid equipment, and procedures to be implemented in emergency situations.

To ensure the safety of our day camp program in particular, the Child Abuse and Neglect Policy details staff responsibilities for the welfare of children in our care as outlined by the Ontario Child and Family Services Act. 

The Concussion Management Policy includes strategies to develop awareness of the seriousness of concussions; strategies for the prevention and identification of concussions; and management procedures for diagnosed concussions.