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Material Encounters (temporary exhibit)

Illustrating moments from a three-year art-based collaborative inquiry into materiality in early childhood education, the Material Encounters exhibit explores materials as encounters and events. It considers what it means to think with things: how each material evokes particular intra-actions and presents particular possibilities among/with/between young children.

What visitors can expect

This temporary exhibit will give children the opportunity to engage with some of the materials represented in the exhibit. Children are encouraged to take the lead and express their ideas the best way they can - through play. As children are engaged in the materials throughout the exhibit, parents and caregivers are invited to explore exhibit panels and learn more about the story behind the research.

Material Encounters exhibit is included with general admission.

About Material Encounters

Material Encounters was curated by Sylvia Kind, faculty at Capilano University in the Early Childhood Education program. Together with Dr. Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw, faculty at Western University and Dr. Laurie Kocher, faculty at Douglas College, Dr.Kind worked with a community of young children, early childhood educators and parents through a three year study to produce this exhibit as one of it’s findings.