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Outreach: London Heritage Fair

Did you know 90% of children’s museums were started by women and the London Children’s Museum is one of them! In 1973, a visit to the Boston Children’s Museum with her four children convinced Carol Johnston to establish a children’s museum in London Ontario.

With the help of committed volunteers and a wealth of determination, the London Children’s Museum was incorporated in 1977 making it the first children’s museum in Canada. Thanks to Carol’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for learning through play, the Children’s Museum has since welcomed over 2,000,000 children and families to explore, discover and play together. Housed at the former Riverview PS for the last 35 years, the Children’s Museum remains an important part of the London community. Learn more about the Children’s Museum’s history.

Visit our booth at the Heritage Fair as we share stories, pictures and artifacts from our early days!

About the Heritage Fair

In honour of the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage, the 2018 Heritage Fair will shine a light on the role women have played in shaping our community. The event will feature prominent guest speakers, interactive activities such as pottery making, henna tattooing, a film screening, and a drumming circle, as well as an informative Exploration Zone featuring 25 local organizations, all showcasing women in our community.