Igniting Curiosity Through the Power of Play

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***Due to COVID-19 protocols, Edukits are temporarily unavailable. Stay tuned for updates.***

Imagine the immersive, play-based learning experiences of the Children’s Museum right in your classroom. Edukits include real artifacts from the Children’s Museum’s collection, interactive materials, science resources and four lesson plans designed to bring the Ontario Curriculum to life. Edukits stay with each classroom for a full three weeks, empowering students to explore at their own pace and allowing their creativity and problem-solving skills to evolve as their understanding deepens. 

Rental: $100 for three weeks.

Clockwork and Tin Toys

Explore tin toys from our Alan Benninger Collection and discover their inner workings by dissecting modern clockwork toys. Experiment with working gear kits to find out how gears work in a system and how they can transform or change the speed, direction or motion of an object. Students will apply their knowledge of gears and clockwork toys to design and create something completely new.

Curriculum Connections

Grade 4: Science and Technology: Understanding Structures and Mechanisms

Inuit Art

Discover traditional Inuit artwork and investigate carvings from our collection. Learn about modern stonecut print making, soap stone carvings and the influence of European explorers on Inuit artwork. Identify significant events in your life and tell your story through your artwork. 

Curriculum Connections

Grade 6: Social Studies: Heritage and Identity
Grade 6: The Arts: Visual Arts 
Grade 6: 
Language: Oral Communication, Writing