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Birthday Party Themes

Art Attack

Get creative with paint and unconventional art materials. Children are invited to discover their inner artist and create their own masterpieces in this hands-on party. Make memories while contributing to a large-scale collaborative art piece for the birthday child to take home. Don’t forget to remind your friends to dress for a mess!

Suggested age: 1-12.

Big Building Challenge

Work together to tackle a big building challenge! The party begins in the Construction Zone of Sifton Street Where You Live where partygoers explore different building materials and tools. Using what they learn, children collaborate and construct their own structures. Finally, these structures are put to the test against the forces of gravity and wind!

Suggested age: 1-12


When did dinosaurs live? How big were they? What did they look and feel like? In this hands-on party, children travel back in time to become paleontologists and make dino-mite discoveries. Explore our Dinosaur exhibit, touch a life-sized dinosaur tooth, and embark on your very own digging expedition. Partygoers will even create their own fossils to take home!

Suggested age: 4-7.

DIY Party

This is a great option for those who prefer to do birthday games and activities themselves! Enjoy two hours in a private party room with an enthusiastic staff on-hand to facilitate set-up, clean-up, presents, and cake. After the festivities are over, children can play their way through their favourite exhibits!

Suggested age: 1-12.

Early Years Play Party *NEW!*

Designed for our youngest visitors, this birthday is an opportunity for children to explore exciting materials in a safe, hands-on environment. Get messy with finger paint, sing songs under a colourful parachute, and crawl through large soft blocks. Best of all, when the party is over you can leave the mess behind!

Suggested age: 0-3.

Gigantic Games

Experience larger-than-life fun with a supersized take on your family’s favourite games. Partygoers begin with a museum-wide scavenger hunt. Then, challenge your guests to a friendly competition with a life-sized round of Human Hungry Hippos, a massive game of Mega Tower, or oversized bowling. Grown-ups will have a hard time not joining in on the fun!

Suggested age: 4-12.

Imagination Play *NEW!*

Indulge your child’s imagination in a party packed with pretend play! Dig into our dress-up box and transform our stage into another place in time. Become a princess, superhero, or even a dinosaur! Create your own masks, parade through your favourite gallery, and finish up with a dance party for the ages.

Suggested age: 1-12.

Museum Explorer

Calling all explorers! In this adventure-filled party, children explore the birthday child’s favourite exhibits. Guided by a Children’s Museum staff member, your party will enjoy interactive programs, games, and behind-the-scenes artifacts related to the exhibits of choice. Whether you’re a Children’s Museum regular or visiting for the first time, you’re sure to discover something new.

Suggested age: 1-12.

Natural Investigators *NEW!*

Get hands-on with nature and explore environmental science. Dissect seeds and use magnifying glasses to learn how they grow. Create your own Seed Buddy using mini planters, soil, and seeds. When the party is over, take your Seed Buddy home and watch it grow!

Suggested age: 4-12.

Soar into Space

In this out-of-this-world birthday party, your child and their friends become astronauts as they play in our TD My Place in Space exhibit. Travel to infinity and beyond with a private star show in our Star Lab. Listen to stories of the constellations and touch a real meteorite from outer space! After you return to Earth, create your own planets and constellations.

Suggested age: 4-12.


Unleash your child’s curiosity! Partygoers begin by exploring our Science In Your World exhibit. Learn about kitchen science and work together to build mazes for miniature robotic hex bugs. Partygoers will then work together to create electrical circuits and test their own chemical reactions!

Suggested age: 4-12.

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