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Art Attack

Experience different art mediums in this creative party. Children are invited to discover their inner artist and create their own masterpieces using a variety of materials. Children will contribute to a large-scale, take-home collaborative art piece with their friends. Don’t forget to remind your friends to dress for the mess!

Art Attack is offered for children aged 1-12.

Big Birthday Building Challenge

Build with us! In this supersized birthday party, children work together to tackle a big building challenge. Pro-builders will start in our Street Where You Live exhibit, exploring different building materials and their uses. Partygoers will become master engineers as they assemble and test their own creations while experimenting with balance and structure.

Big Birthday Building Challenge is offered for children aged 1-12.


When did dinosaurs live? How big were they? What did they look and feel like? In this hands-on party, children travel back in time to become paleontologists and make dino discoveries. Explore our dinosaur exhibit, touch and feel a REAL dinosaur tooth, and embark on your very own digging expedition.

Dinos-ROAR is offered for children aged 1-7.

Gigantic Games *NEW!*

Experience larger-than-life fun with a supersized take on your family’s favourite board games. Challenge your guests to a friendly competition with a life-sized round of Human Hungry Hippos, or determine who is the master-builder in a massive game of Mega Tower. Parents will have a hard time not joining in on the fun!

Gigantic Games is offered for children aged 4-12.

Museum Explorer

Calling all explorers! In this adventure-filled party, children will explore and learn more about their favourite Children’s Museum exhibits and get a special behind-the-scenes peek at cool artifacts from our collection.

Museum Explorer is offered for children aged 1-12.

Soar into Space

In this out-of-this-world birthday party, your child and their friends become astronauts as they play in our Space exhibit. Guests will enjoy a private star show in our Star Lab, where you will soar off into space and hear stories of the constellations. Guests can even touch a real meteorite from outer space!

Soar into Space is offered for children aged 4-12.


Children are natural scientists, full of questions and curiosity. The party will start by discovering our Science in Your World exhibit. Party-goers will unleash their curiosity and work together to build Hex Bugs mazes, create their own circuits and test chemical reactions!

Super SCIENCE is offered for children aged 4-12.


Are you excited to simply be at the Children’s Museum for your birthday? Maybe you want to do the party yourself! Enjoy 1.5 hours in our birthday party room with one of our enthusiastic staff on-hand to facilitate set-up, clean-up, presents, and cake. Children have the opportunity to visit their favourite exhibits and play wherever they’d like! This is a great option for the hard-to-plan 1st birthdays.

DIY Party is offered for children 1-12.

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