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Tween Council
Aug 30, 2018

Calling All Tweens!

We are looking for creative and energetic tweens to join our Tween Council! Throughout the school year, Tween Council members participate in community outreach and volunteering, provide feedback and new ideas for exhibits and programs at the Children’s Museum, and take on leadership roles in the community. For more information on how you can get your child involved in Tween Council, please contact us at info@londonchildrensmuseum.ca.



Thank you to London Life for their generous support of Tween Council! 

London Life has been a supporter of the London Children’s Museum for almost forty years. They’ve helped the Children’s Museum build numerous exhibits and deliver quality education programs to thousands of children. Currently, they sponsor our Share the Fun program, which helps children with financial barriers access learning opportunities at the Children’s Museum, as well as the Celebration and Arctic Alive education programs, which engage children in activities that foster multiculturalism and diversity. London Life’s support has been essential in helping the Children’s Museum ensure every child, regardless of economic circumstance, has access to extraordinary hands-on learning experiences.

Thank you London Life for your years of support!