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Community Curators
May 01, 2019

Community Curators

The Children’s Museum is kicking off #MuseumMonth with our Community Curators program! As part of this program, we are inviting children to exhibit their own collections here at the Children’s Museum. From coins to toy cars, we welcome collections of all shapes and sizes! 

Participating children will:

  • Work with our Exhibits and Collections Coordinator to create their very own temporary display
  • Showcase their knowledge and expertise on a particular subject
  • Learn about what it means to be a museum curator

Intense Interests

We all know a child who loves to gather fossils and minerals, or who is absolutely obsessed with outer space. These “intense interests” are actually an important part of children’s development! When children become interested in a particular topic, they immediately begin seeking information about it, helping them develop language skills, creative thinking, and cognition. These intense interests allow children to take control of their own learning, indulge their curiosity and explore the world in deeper ways. 

Exhibit Your Collection

Does your child have a special collection? Do they love to stockpile stickers or rocks? Are they passionate about vehicles or dinosaurs? We would love to share their collection as part of our Community Curators program! 

Apply to our Community Curators program!