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Community Curators
Apr 28, 2021

Community Curators Goes Digital

May is Museum Month! Celebrate by exhibiting your child’s collection online with the London Children’s Museum. Does your child have a cherished assortment of rocks or gems? Are they particularly knowledgeable about their toy dinosaurs or vehicles? Are they passionate about their hoard of trading items, souvenirs, or other objects? Help them become a Community Curator!

About Community Curators

Every year, the London Children’s Museum invites our young visitors to exhibit their own collection in our museum. This popular program offers children an opportunity to:

  • Showcase their most treasured objects
  • Share their knowledge and expertise on a particular subject matter
  • Learn about what it means to be a museum curator

This year, we’re taking Community Curators online by sharing our visitors’ collections on our website and social media channels.

Intense Interests

Intense interests are an important part of children’s development! When a child becomes particularly interested in a specific subject, they seek out and absorb as much information on this topic as possible. When children are on the hunt for fossils and minerals or reciting facts about outer space, they are engaging in deep learning. Indulging these curiosities helps children develop language skills, increases their attention span, and improves cognition. Intense interests empower children to take charge of their own learning and explore the world in deeper ways!

If your child would like to participate, complete the form below.

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