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DIS/orientating the early childhood sensorium
Jan 30, 2020

DIS/orientating the early childhood sensorium: micro-stutters for ALTERNATIVE climate futures


‘Dis/orientating the Early Childhood Sensorium’ is a performative research exhibition prepared by the Climate Action Network (CAN). Collectively composed by CAN’s 14 research sites across Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Ecuador, this exhibit invites participation into 6 installations that gesture toward slow, inconvenient climate relations. ‘Dis/orientating the Early Childhood Sensorium’ is one of three international exhibitions by CAN across Canada (Victoria & London) and Australia (Perth) concurrently activating occasions for otherwise child-climate pedagogies.

Interrupting developmental archives of early childhood education’s sensory pallet, ‘Dis/orientating the Early Childhood Sensorium’ slips, stutters and speculates toward pedagogies that are situated in the uncertain, contradictory worlds children inherit and are implicated in.  It invites viewers to taste and tangle their way into the puzzles and illogicalities of 21st century climate crises through a series of modest encounters and sensational conjunctures with weather, land, plastics, food and water. Remaining weary of grand narratives that might soothe our ready-made sensors, we invite you to hesitate with us in Dis/orientating the Early Childhood Sensorium.

Experience this temporary exhibition at the London Children’s Museum.

Tuesday, February 4 to Friday, February 12, 2020.