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Donor Spotlight
Jan 05, 2021

Donor Spotlight: Canada Life

Canada Life has been a generous supporter of the London Children’s Museum for over 40 years. In fact, they helped us renovate and move into our current location at 21 Wharncliffe Road back in 1982. Since then, Canada Life has supported the construction of exhibits such as TD My Place in Space and My Arctic Discovery. They have also contributed to our enriching education programs, like Celebrations and Arctic Alive, and have been a long-time supporter of our subsidy programs, helping us ensure children have access to play-based learning.

Canada Life has a long history and deep roots in our community. Their purpose is to improve the financial, physical, and mental well-being of Canadians. They work to do that by funding innovative programs and initiatives that benefit Canadians from coast to coast – including here in London.

Thank you, Canada Life, for your years of support and dedication to the community.