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Branching Out
Dec 17, 2018

After months of extensive community consultation and work with exhibit design firm Gyroscope Inc., the Children’s Museum has completed the master plan for our new home at 100 Kellogg Lane!

This master plan offers a preview of the new Children’s Museum’s exhibits and experiences. It is the product of input from over 500 children, families, educators and community members.

The new Children’s Museum will feature eight immersive and interactive zones that will allow children to explore science, art, technology, nature, history and culture in a space designed to support their wonder and curiosity.

From a network of tree houses and animal habitats to a mini streetscape, children will have the opportunity to flex their imaginations. A stream to play in, underground caves to explore, farming and planting, digging for gems, and a space for making and tinkering are just some of the experiences the new Children’s Museum will offer.

Conceptual renderings released this week depict four of the eight zones featured in the new Children’s Museum. 

Visit staycuriouslondon.ca to view all four renderings and learn more about our master plan. Over the coming weeks, we will continue to share details of each zone on FacebookInstagram and our website.

Completion of the master plan will be followed by a detailed architectural plan and exhibit design, fabrication and installation. We expect this process to take three years. Until then, we will continue to be open for play at 21 Wharncliffe Road!

Thank you to all of our friends, visitors and community members who contributed their thoughts and ideas to the master plan!

We look forward to continuing to engage with you throughout this journey. Together, we can build a new Children’s Museum that is inclusive, accessible, and celebrates the diverse ways children learn. 

Get a sneak peek at the new Children’s Museum!