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Day Camp Reflections
Sep 04, 2018

Summer Day Camp Reflections

- Danielle Rivest, Summer Day Camp Counsellor at the London Children’s Museum 

Over the past ten weeks, I have had the adventure of a lifetime. Each week, I encountered 64 bright and curious minds that brought me with them on some of their greatest journeys. Together, we became scientists, Splash Pad enthusiasts, storytellers, astronauts, eco-explorers, and so much more.

At the London Children’s Museum, summer camp is more than activities and songs. It is a unique space to delve into the past while looking to the future. It is a space where dreaming big is not only encouraged, but pursued. It is a space where curiosity is nurtured, friendships are formed, and learning occurs. As a counsellor, it is my job to make sure that every camper leaves the Children’s Museum knowing that they are competent and capable, that they can do absolutely anything they set their minds to. 

This summer, I hung out with some amazing campers who never failed to make me smile. On one occasion, we were doing a boat-building activity and a camper kept trying to make his boat float. Each time it didn’t work, he would tell me it was okay and we could try again. Eventually, we got it to float and he punched the air with both fists and yelled, “DANIELLE! I DID IT!” Then other campers chimed in that they had also succeeded. Once again, he punched the air with both fists and yelled, “WE DID IT! Good job, guys!” To know that he felt confident in that moment, that he knew he was capable of anything, brought me comfort. I hope that he will always remember to hold on to that kind of pure joy. 

There is no experience like summer camp, and it is these memories of laughter and wonder that make every summer memorable.