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Animated Sandbox
Nov 26, 2019

Support STEAM Education

A letter from Steph Meng-Ramirez, Ontario Certified Teacher and Education Specialist

“This London Children’s Museum experience made my students excited about science. They said today was ‘the best science ever’. Every one of them was able to participate and felt like they had succeeded. They practiced making observations and using language to describe what they were seeing and touching. I had so many meaningful conversations with students about all that they were learning.”
- Grade 1-2 Teacher, Thames Valley District School Board

As an Ontario certified teacher and Education Specialist at the London Children’s Museum, I understand STEAM education is critically important for children. When children engage in STEAM, they aren’t just exploring Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math; they are learning to think critically and solve problems while building important neural connections.

The London Children’s Museum supports children’s healthy cognitive growth through STEAM-based learning. Whether holding a real meteorite or examining fossils under a microscope, experiences provided by the London Children’s Museum have a lasting impact on a child’s development.

Powerful hands-on learning experiences are only made possible with the help of our donors. When you make a gift to the London Children’s Museum this giving season, you are supporting the purchase of new STEAM supplies, including an animated sandbox, flight lab, testing ramps, and building materials.

Open-ended science resources, such as the animated sandbox, flight lab, and testing ramps, allow children of all ages, abilities, and interests to participate in STEAM.

The animated sandbox helps children explore topography, mapping, and the natural environment. The flight lab introduces participants to the properties of wind, air, and gravity. These items, along with testing ramps, work benches, and building materials, work together to create a space rich with limitless scientific discovery!

Please make a gift today. Your generosity will empower children with quality STEAM-based learning and skills to last a lifetime.

Support STEAM

Please know your donation is deeply appreciated by the children and families in our community. 


Steph Meng-Ramirez, Ontario Certified Teacher and Education Specialist

London Children’s Museum