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Education Programs
Oct 04, 2018

Thank You Johansen-Larsen Foundation

“The students in our school community would never be able to afford an opportunity like this. It was amazing to be able to offer them an experience without parents having to worry about the bill.” - Meaghan, Kindergarten Teacher

The Children’s Museum understands the value of inquiry-based learning. We offer hands-on education programs to students in their classrooms and right here at the Children’s Museum. All education programs are directly connected to the Ontario Curriculum and are designed and delivered by Children’s Museum Education Specialists. Education programs provide students with access to real artifacts, authentic materials and quality interactive programming. Our educators empower students to take charge of their own learning by allowing them to develop their own questions and explore at their own pace.

Thanks to support from the Johansen-Larsen Foundation, the Children’s Museum is able to provide these enriching learning opportunities to students facing financial barriers. Subsidies provide students from priority schools with an educational program at the Children’s Museum, including bussing and a lunch, at no cost to students, their families, or teachers.

For more information about our education programs and subsidies for classes in need, please visit Education.



Hands-on education programs inspire a lifelong love of learning by:

  • Exposing students to new concepts and ideas they may never otherwise encounter
  • Encouraging students to explore, experiment, ask questions and test their ideas both inside and outside the classroom
  • Help children develop their capacities for deeper learning, critical thinking and problem solving