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Digital Field Trips
Nov 02, 2020

Thank You Johansen-Larsen Foundation

Thank you to the Johansen-Larsen Foundation for their continued support of education programs at the London Children’s Museum.

Recognizing the unique needs and requirements of this year’s school learning environment, the London Children’s Museum designed fully remote Digital Field Trips for classroom, online, and homeschool learning. We are so grateful the Johansen-Larsen Foundation offered their continued support through this change. With their help, we will continue to provide valuable learning experiences to students with financial barriers. 

Designed by an Ontario Certified Teacher, Digital Field Trips align with the needs of both students and the school community. All digital field trips:

  • Include teacher-focused lesson plans, prerecorded videos lead by an Education Specialist at the London Children’s Museum, and student activities
  • Offer experiential, hands-on learning
  • Include elements of outdoor education and utilize outdoor learning spaces
  • Connect directly to the Ontario Curriculum
  • Are taught safely and remotely

This pandemic has denied students access to essential community-connected learning opportunities that support their growth, learning, and development. With support from partners like the Johansen-Larsen Foundation and the Thames Valley District School Board, the London Children’s Museum will ensure students are not without these rich learning experiences. Digital Field Trips provide teachers and students with interactive programs and materials that deepen classroom learning and maintain community connections.

Thank you Johansen-Larsen Foundation for ensuring every student has access to enriching educational experiences. 



Digital Field Trips are offered for students from Kindergarten to Grade 6. Learn more.