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Day Camp
Aug 31, 2018

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“It’s difficult to make ends meet in a one caregiver, one income household. Without a subsidy, I would not be able to provide Caden with the enriching learning opportunities he truly deserves. It is only because of subsidies like this that I am able to care for Caden on my own. We are so grateful.” – Linda, grandmother

Summer day camp provides children with an enriching learning experience that nurtures their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. It is an experience that every child, regardless of economic circumstance, deserves. 

For many families, the cost of sending a child to day camp is prohibitive. This year, the Children’s Museum saw an increased demand for summer day camp subsidies and many children were placed on a wait list.

We asked for the community’s help sending these children to camp and we received an amazing response!

Thanks to generous donors, we surpassed our goal of sending 30 children to camp this summer. With support from the community, a total of 37 children facing financial barriers were able to attend day camp at the Children’s Museum. 

A special thank you to our friends at Ecopower LED Inc. who heard about our need and kindly offered to take all remaining children off the wait list.

Thank you to all our supporters who help ensure all children have access to extraordinary hands-on learning experiences!