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Indoor Learning Garden
Sep 03, 2020

Thank You TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

Thanks to support from TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, visitors can now experience one of our most popular programs both inside and outdoors at the London Children’s Museum!

Our new Indoor Learning Garden, located in the Science in Your World gallery, gives children a unique opportunity to investigate plants from both above and below! Designed with plexiglass sides, this garden allows children to explore roots and plant structures growing below the surface. This experiential learning space demonstrates the difference between root and leaf vegetables and shows plants at different stages of their life cycle.

With an early introduction to nature and the environment, children develop a greater appreciation and understanding of the world around them. By showing their own interest in nature-based topics, adults can greatly influence a child’s view of the world and help them develop habits that will last a lifetime. This Indoor Learning Garden will allow families to spend quality time together learning, strengthening the foundation for children to become life-long stewards of the environment. 

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation has supported the Children’s Museum’s outdoor Learning Garden for many years. With their support of this new project, children with the chance to learn more about nature year-round!

Thank you, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, for supporting environmental education.