Igniting Curiosity Through the Power of Play

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Westminster College Foundation
Mar 20, 2019

Thank You Westminster College Foundation!

Did you know the Children’s Museum is home to over 7,000 artifacts?! These collection items can be seen throughout the Children’s Museum’s exhibits, education programs, and interactive learning experiences.

When visitors hold and examine collection items up-close, their learning deepens. Engaging with artifacts like dinosaur teeth, Narwhal tusks, and meteorites, is a rich and memorable experience, especially for children. These items connect visitors to different times and places, and often inspire new toughts, ideas, and questions about the world. 

Thanks to our friends at the Westminster College Foundation, Children’s Museum visitors are able to engage with more of these cherished parts of history. Support from the Foundation helps nurture children’s curious minds and allows them to explore history, heritage, and culture in meaningful ways. 

Thank you, Westminster College Foundation!