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London Children’s Museum Half-Day Integrated Camp for Children with Special Needs

Offered in partnership with Thames Valley Children’s Centre.

July 20-24: Wonders of Water. This is an inclusive summer camp will feature hands-on activities focusing on the Wonders of Water. Discover the secret of oceans and the science of H₂O. Explore bioluminescence and experiment with different forms of water. Learn about caring for our waters and the creatures they support. This unforgettable week includes play-based learning, real museum artifacts, gallery exploration, and outdoor activities. 

This summer day camp is best suited to children who can be safe in unfenced outdoor spaces and on walks to a community splash pad and playground. Please note, the day camp group will use all the busy areas of the museum that can be highly stimulating. 

Campers registering for this week of camp must be a client of Thames Valley Children’s Centre. Campers will be supported by TVCC therapists and volunteers. Children’s support needs will be discussed on an individual basis with parents prior to the start of camp.


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