About Us

The London Children’s Museum curates powerful play experiences through immersive environments, authentic materials, and meaningful relationships. As a champion for children, we advocate for their unique perspectives, contributions, and ways of learning.

Exhibits and engaging learning experiences allow children to explore history and heritage, investigate science and social relationships, and celebrate art and culture. The London Children’s Museum helps children ignite their curiosity and play their way to a life of innovation and creative discovery.

The London Children’s Museum is a settler organization situated on the traditional territories of the Anishinaabeg, Haudenosaunee, Lunaapeewak, and Attawandaron peoples. Today, the First Nations communities of this area include the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, Oneida Nation of the Thames, Munsee-Delaware Nation, and a growing urban Indigenous population. The London Children’s Museum honours the heritage, diversity, and contributions of these communities, and of all the Original Peoples of Turtle Island.

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Unearth Wonder

Help build our NEW dinosaur exhibit at 100 Kellogg Lane!

The future London Children’s Museum was shaped by the ideas and dreams of over 500 children, families, and community members. And children in our community made one thing very clear - our new home would not be complete without dinosaurs!

But to make our community’s dream a reality, we need your help! You can bring these prehistoric wonders to life by donating today. Every gift matters!

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