London Children's Museum has been deeply rooted in the community since 1977.

For more than 45 years, the London Children’s Museum has housed dozens of exhibits, hundreds of education programs, over 7,000 artifacts, and more than 2 million visitors.

Explore more of the London Children's Museum's archives, history, and future plans for the move to 100 Kellogg Lane.


Carol Johnston


Carol Visits Boston Children's Museum

Johnston family visits Boston Children's Museum
Testing Bottle Rockets


Testing Ideas

By 1975, a group of forward-thinking educators, leaders, and volunteers had been assembled to test museum ideas in parks and garages.
Home at London Towers


Home at London Towers

In October 1976, the London Children's Museum began the experimental Storefront Museum project,
21 Wharncliffe Rd S


Move to Wharncliffe Road

With the help of donors, volunteers, and community leaders, an old school on Wharncliffe Road South was transformed into the London Children’s Museum’s new home.