Bring the London Children’s Museum to you with hands-on programs designed to engage both children and their grown-ups.

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Program Descriptions

Explore Engineering

Become an engineer as you design, build, test, and evaluate your own structure. Investigate the impact of different forces and explore how a structure’s shape impacts its stability.

Green Thumbs

Get hands-on with nature, explore loose parts, and dissect seeds. Use biodegradable ice cream cones to grow a seedling that can be planted right into your garden at home!

Investigating Gravity

Discover the effects of gravity’s pull using paint, marbles and meteorites. Explore how gravity works on different-sized objects and witness non-contact forces in action.

Out of this World

Indulge your imagination and explore life beyond the stars. Build a miniature space shuttle, design a planet, and discover what happens when meteors crash land on earth!

Science of Sound

Learn about the mechanics of sound using tuning forks and a resonance bowl. Visualize sound waves and learn how these waves translate to sound when they interact with your ear.

We Dig Dinos

Become a paleontologist as you reconstruct a dinosaur skeleton using foam bones. Discover how fossils are formed and learn what they tell us about prehistoric plants and creatures. 

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