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Digital Field Trips *NEW*

Bring the London Children’s Museum into your classroom with fully remote Digital Field Trips. Designed by an Ontario Certified Teacher, Digital Field Trips align with the needs of both students and the school community.

All Digital Field Trips

  • Offer experiential, hands-on learning
  • Connected directly to the Ontario Curriculum
  • Designed by an Ontario Certified Teacher
  • Available for In-Person and Full Remote Learning Plans
  • Taught safely and remotely

STEP 1: Choose Your Digital Field Trip


LIVE Digital Field Trip

PRERECORDED Digital Field Trip


Bring the Children’s Museum into your classroom with a 45-minute live and interactive video!

Bring the Children’s Museum into your classroom at your convenience with prerecorded videos!

In-Person Learning


Full Remote Learning

Live Video Interaction



Prerecorded Videos


Teacher Requirements

Lesson taught by a London Children’s Museum team member.

Teachers will complete a pre-program activity with their students before the Digital Field Trip is delivered.

Lesson taught by classroom teacher.

Teacher-focused lesson plan and prerecorded videos provided by the London Children’s Museum.

Student Activities Each program includes a demonstration followed by a hands-on student activity. Students use materials commonly found in classrooms or at home! In-Person Learning: Includes individually prepackaged activity kits for every student.

Full Remote Learning: Includes student activity sheets that can be posted directly into virtual learning environments.

Pricing $100. Subsidies are available to classrooms with financial barriers and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. In-Person Learning: $13/student

Full Remote Learning: $30/program

Distribution Live Digital Field Trip time slot confirmed during application process.

In-Person Learning: Free pick-up available at the London Children’s Museum. Shipping fees apply for classrooms outside the Thames Valley District School Board. 


Full Remote Learning: Teachers will receive all materials electronically.

STEP 2: Select Your Program

View 2020-2021 Education Guide for program descriptions and curriculum connections.

STEP 3: Book Now

Live Digital Field Trip: In-Person and Full Remote Learning

Prerecorded Digital Field Trip: In-Person Learning

Prerecorded Digital Field Trip: Full Remote Learning

Subsidized Digital Field Trips are made possible with generous support from Thames Valley District School Board, LDCSB Outdoor Education Grant, Sifton Family Foundation, Westminster College Foundation, and Johansen-Larsen Foundation.