Igniting Curiosity Through the Power of Play

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Birthday Party Activities

Art Attack

Get creative with paint and unconventional art materials. Children are invited to discover their inner artist and create their own limited-edition prints. Spend quality time with friends making memories you can take home. Don’t forget to remind your friends to dress for a mess!

Big Building Challenge

Tackle a big building challenge! Children collaborate and construct their own structures using an assortment of building materials. These creations are then put to the test against the forces of gravity and wind! Will it roll? Collapse? Topple?! Let’s find out!


When did dinosaurs live? How big were they? What did they look and feel like? Children travel back in time to become paleontologists and make dino-mite discoveries. Dino enthusiasts will explore fossils, bones, and even real-life dinosaur poop. Partygoers will even create their own fossils to take home!

Games Galore

Experience larger-than-life fun with a supersized take on your family’s favourite games. Challenge your guests to a friendly round of Mega Tower, oversized bowling, and scooter soccer. Grown-ups will have a hard time not joining in on the fun!

Soar into Space

In this out-of-this-world party, your child and their friends travel to infinity and beyond with an interactive star show inside the party room. Listen to stories of the constellations and touch a real meteorite from outer space! After you return to Earth, create your own planets and constellations.

Super Science

Unleash your child’s natural curiosity! Partygoers will explore different STEAM concepts as they build mazes for miniature robotic hex bugs and create their own gear systems. Children will even design their own experiments and create chemical reactions!

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