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The London Children’s Museum has an extensive collection of more than 7,000 artifacts.  We collect items that support our exhibits, represent the past, present and future of childhood, and can be used to provide a hands-on learning experience for visitors.  On your next visit, take note of artifacts in the in Child Long Ago, My Arctic Discovery, TD My Place in Space, and Dinosaur galleries.

More interesting facts about our collections:

  • Our collection is stored in a specialized, climate-controlled room in the Children’s Museum.
  • Some of our favourite artifacts in our collection include:

Inuit Bone Doll - Displayed in the My Arctic Discovery gallery, this doll from northern Canada is carved from caribou bone and may have been used as a child’s toy or as a token of good luck.

Meteorite - This 3.9 kg meteorite was first discovered in 1576 in Camp del Cielo, Argentina. It is made of iron and fell to Earth 4,000 - 6,000 years ago, surviving the impact.