Igniting Curiosity Through the Power of Play

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  • exhibits_longago_lg.jpg

    Step back in time as you enter our one-room schoolhouse. Become the teacher, or grab your slate and practice your lessons. When the school day is over, head home for an imaginary meal cooked over the wood stove, or a friendly game of checkers.

  • exhibits_dino_lg.jpg

    Dig for dinosaurs - or become one! In our Dinosaur gallery, you can dress up like a dinosaur, listen to what they may have sounded like, or become a paleontologist and dig up bones. Discover the differences between herbivores and carnivores and see just how big these Jurassic giants were!

  • Put your muscles to work! Use mechanical energy to produce electrical energy to power the lights in the house! Experiment with circuits to make things light up, spin, or buzz. Learn about how wind, water, and the sun power our homes in all different kinds of weather. 

  • exhibits_arctic_lg.jpg

    Journey to Canada’s north in our My Arctic Discovery. The landscape, culture, and wildlife of the Arctic will come to life in this interactive exhibit. Experience life in the Arctic as you crawl through the igloo and end up in a modern Inuit household.

  • exhibits_backyard_lg.jpg

    Science is all around us! From farm to table, and even in our backyard, our natural environment provides us and our animal neighbours with food, shelter, and fun! Plan a nutritious meal, learn about pollinators, plant a garden, or harvest what you’ve grown.

  • Photo of Sifton Street Where You Live

    Welcome to the neighbourhood! This child-sized street is full of opportunities to play pretend. Fill up your car at the gas station, then head to the grocery store, the bank or to work! Be a postal worker, a dentist or build London’s newest tower. 

  • exhibits_space_lg.jpg

    Prepare for lift-off! Launch a rocket from your seat in Mission Control, or climb aboard and pilot the shuttle. Spend some time at the International Space Station before suiting up for a moonwalk. Learn about planets, stars, and constellations during a star show in our planetarium! 

  • Create, build, investigate and play! With a unique view of Baleena, our whale skeleton, there’s no shortage of inspiration while creating your own masterpiece.

  • It’s an underground world, filled with life and what previous inhabitants have left behind. Crawl through the caves and seek and find all the creatures that live inside - and maybe some other spelunkers as well!