3M Canada Partnership to Bring STEM Experiences to London Youth

3M Canada invests $500,000 over five years in Discovery Lab and science programming at the new London Children’s Museum.

On Monday, the London Children’s Museum and 3M Canada announced the inclusion of an interdisciplinary space in the new London Children's Museum, located at 100 Kellogg Lane, designed for visitors to participate in STEAM-based creativity through tinkering, crafting, designing, experimenting, and making. The Discovery Lab, presented by 3M Canada, will include real tools and materials that allow children and youth to build skills, take risks, and follow their creative instincts.

“When dreaming up the new London Children’s Museum, the community expressed loud and clear that we needed a space intentionally designed for older children and youth,” said Kate Ledgley, Executive Director at the London Children’s Museum. “We would like to thank 3M Canada for their support in the creation of this brand-new gallery, where children will explore new materials, indulge their curiosity, and build confidence.” 

The creation of the Discovery Lab is made possible in part by a $500,000 investment from 3M Canada, over five years, which began in 2020.  

“Canada’s digital economy is growing at an unprecedented rate and the demand for talent with STEM skills will only continue to increase,” said Marie-Claude Brandys, PhD, Managing Director of 3M Canada. “3M is building on its commitment to support STEM learning for children and youth with community partners, like the London Children’s Museum, to help pave the way for the future workforce.”

According to the latest 3M State of Science Insights, 74 percent of Canadians surveyed agree that jobs in STEM are the future of work. The Discovery Lab presented by 3M Canada will allow visitors to nourish their creativity and spark potential career interest. It will include staff-facilitated workshops and special guests that help children and youth engage in self-directed making and collaborative projects.

The Discovery Lab presented by 3M Canada will be one of eight new custom galleries that will provide the community with meaningful and accessible play-based learning experiences. 

Construction of the Discovery Lab presented by 3M Canada is underway at the new London Children’s Museum at 100 Kellogg Lane and is expected to be open to the public in late fall. More than 150,000 visitors are anticipated to visit in the first year. 

Exhibit rendering of Discovery Lab, presented by 3M Canada, courtesy of SKOLNICK Architecture + Design Partnership.

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