Bringing Science to Life - Through Play!

Play at the London Children’s Museum brings science to life, thanks to the generous support of 3M Canada!

London Children’s Museum STEAM programs are designed to be hands-on and open-ended, providing children with opportunities to create theories, test hypotheses, and assess the results. During these programs, team members foster the scientific learning process by asking exploratory questions and building on children’s experiences. Child-led programs allow every individual to explore their interests and indulge their curiosities! 

Whether discovering chemical reactions through everyday solutions like baking soda and vinegar, constructing unique creations from new and recyclable materials, or using innovative technologies like coding bots that invite collaboration and curiosity, STEAM programs are accessible to children of different ages, abilities, and interests. From infants visiting for the first time to grown-ups joining their children, science is brought to life through the exploratory nature of play!

Studies show that when children engage with authentic objects and materials, their learning deepens. London Children’s Museum’s programs are designed to encourage children to engage in the hands-on exploration of materials, ask questions, and increase their knowledge of science and engineering concepts. Children are provided with access to novel materials they may not have access to at home, and they are invited to connect these larger, real-life concepts beyond the museum’s walls.

As children participate in STEAM workshops and Littles Labs, or explore pop-up programming, they are encouraged to think outside the box, wonder about the world around them, and draw their own conclusions through the scientific processes. STEAM-based learning helps foster creativity and innovation, developing skills that will aid children for a lifetime. 

Thank you, 3M Canada, for helping the London Children's Museum bring everyday science to children and their families!

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