The Joy of Summer

When you look back on your childhood experiences, what is it that you remember?

Can you feel the warm sun on your face as you played outdoors?
Or the belly aches caused by laughing too hard with your friends?
How about the thrill you experienced after finally learning to ride your bike?

These memories made a lasting impression on you. For many, your summers were likely spent with friends exploring your neighbourhood and parks. For others, maybe your months were filled with learning new skills or indulging your curiosities at museums, libraries, and zoos.

As you can imagine, with the summer break only a few short weeks away, children in our community are anxiously awaiting the return of their favourite summer moments.

Every year at the London Children’s Museum, we are excited to welcome children to our day camps, where they get to experience some of the best parts of summer - all at once.

Day camp is curated to provide children with a wide range of activities that promote holistic growth and development. From igniting curiosity through arts and culture, testing scientific experiments, exploring the outdoors, and building lasting friendships, we’ve heard time and time again the unparalleled joy these experiences bring our campers and their families. 

“Our girls had such an exciting and fun-filled week. They were excited to get out the door to be there with their friends and couldn't wait to be a part of the activities each day. They had so many fun stories to share at the end of each day and they were exhausted from all the non-stop fun! They loved the mix of indoor and outdoor activities. They loved all the messy fun and making slime!! My girls were also thrilled about exploring nature and finding toads!”

Every day of Summer Day Camp is filled with activities that captivate and excite young minds. Under the supervision of our day camp counselors, children are free to explore in a safe space that encourages self-expression and where their imagination flourishes. Camp fosters an environment where learning and play coincide, and the memories of which they will carry with them long after the summer turns to fall.

Summer at the London Children’s Museum creates magical moments for children. When children discover new things and create lasting friendships, they form memories that are worth retelling. These are the stories they’ll excitedly share with friends and family, the moments they’ll look back on with a smile, and the experiences that shape their journey of self-discovery. Perhaps even, the moments your children will look back on when they are grown, and remember fondly for themselves.


Play-based learning experiences like Summer Day Camp are more important than ever for children’s development, yet these experiences are not accessible to all in our community. We invite you to give joy this summer by helping us provide 43 children in our community with a subsidized day camp spot, to create memories that will last them a lifetime.


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