Science in the Community

Thanks to the support of generous donors, London Children's Museum STEAM programs are on the move this summer!

With the help of 3M Canada and the Westminster College Foundation, the London Children's Museum is bringing hands-on science, technology, engineering, art and math into communities throughout our city. These programs allow families to engage in STEAM right where they live, shop, work, and play.

The London Children's Museum recognizes the many barriers children face when accessing hands-on learning opportunities. By sending a team, artifacts, and activities into the community, we hope to reach even more children with enriching experiences they may not otherwise encounter.

These free or low-cost programs feature innovative technology, interactive materials, and inspiring activities that foster children’s curiosity. During STEAM Community Outreach programs, families explore a variety of STEAM topics through exciting items like miniature robots, circuitry kits,
microscopes, and building materials.


Find Us In the Community


Thank you, 3M Canada, for helping the London Children’s Museum bring everyday science to children and their families. We are grateful to the Westminster College Foundation for supporting our STEAM Community Outreach programs.