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“This was a great learning experience to help the kids gain some ‘real-world’ knowledge about the concepts we had been talking about in class. It gave them a sense of wonder and a chance to ‘get down in the dirt’ – which for some was a very new experience!”

 – 2022 Education Program subsidy recipient


Children are facing a crisis. The pandemic has deeply impacted children and their healthy social, emotional, and cognitive development. At the London Children’s Museum, we know play is essential to supporting this development. Children need increased access to hands-on programs that stimulate their curiosity and engage their minds.

Our Education Programs allow students to extend and deepen their classroom learning. Delivered by our educators right in the classroom, In-Class Education Programs encourage students to indulge their curiosity, explore history and heritage, investigate the complexities of science and social relationships, and celebrate the beauty of art. Students are immersed in curriculum-connected activities with real museum artifacts, outdoor exploration, and interactive programming.

The children in our community need your help. With the generous support of our partners and local school boards, over 290 classrooms will be provided with a free education program this year. However, there are still 274 classrooms on our waitlist - that’s 6,187 children that won’t be able to access In-Class Education Programs without your support.

You can make a tremendous impact on students in our community by giving them an In-Class Education Program.


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We know firsthand that many children do not have access to the resources they need to best support their overall well-being. It is our mission to ensure every student can participate in extended learning opportunities provided through our In-Class Education Programs.

Year after year, teachers share how these programs inspire children to explore, experiment, ask questions, and test their own theories. They describe how In-Class Education Programs provide opportunities for students to develop and exercise real-world competencies like critical thinking, problem solving, and community connection.

Will you help give children an engaging addition to their classroom lessons and reduce the significant waitlist for these important programs? Please donate today and provide students with a free In-Class Education Program that will enrich their learning and provide a lasting impact on their well-being.