TD FEF: 30 Years of Support

Thanks to support from TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, this summer will be full of outdoor play at the London Children’s Museum!

This year, more than ever, it’s important families get outside and spend time in nature. Outdoor play helps both children and adults reduce anxiety, release tension, and develop a sense of belonging. Nature exploration is also a wonderful opportunity to start meaningful conversations with children about environmental stewardship.

TD FEF has supported environmental education at the London Children’s Museum since their founding in 1990. In 1996, a generous gift from the foundation helped build the interactive treehouse in the Science In Your World gallery, which is still beloved by visitors to this day. Since then, TD FEF has supported countless environmental programs at the London Children’s Museum, including both the outdoor and indoor Learning Gardens.

Thank you, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, for supporting environmental education at the London Children’s Museum for over 30 years.

Outdoor Play Ideas

●    Video: Seed Germination
●    Video: DIY Bubble Solution
●    Blog: The Backpack Series
●    Stay tuned for information about our reopening and our Learning Garden program!

Unearth Wonder

Help build our NEW dinosaur exhibit at 100 Kellogg Lane!

The future London Children’s Museum was shaped by the ideas and dreams of over 500 children, families, and community members. And children in our community made one thing very clear - our new home would not be complete without dinosaurs!

But to make our community’s dream a reality, we need your help! You can bring these prehistoric wonders to life by donating today. Every gift matters!

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