Thank You 3M Canada for Igniting Curiosity

Thanks to the support of 3M Canada, the London Children’s Museum can deliver interactive and hands-on STEAM programs every week! Whether we’re investigating circuits or building marble roller coasters, every child can engage their curiosity and explore topics that excite them.

STEAM programs from the London Children’s Museum involve unique materials and technology that many children wouldn’t otherwise encounter in their day-to-day lives. Novel tools such as robots and coding kits can enhance a child’s love of STEAM topics and provide them with early hands-on experience beneficial to future education and career paths.

The London Children’s Museum understands STEAM education is critically important for young children, especially now. Our programs allow families to learn STEAM concepts together and provide experiences designed for children of a range of ages and abilities.

These engaging science, technology, engineering, art, and math learning opportunities are made possible by generous support from 3M Canada. Thank you, 3M Canada, for helping the London Children’s Museum bring everyday science to children and their families.