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The London Children’s Museum celebrates the unique thoughts, wishes, and contributions of every child. We are committed to providing a safe and accepting environment that supports children of different ages, abilities, and interests. 

We are eager to hear about new ways to serve children and families in our community. We welcome your family’s feedback, suggestions, and questions regarding accessibility. Please contact us at info@londonchildrensmuseum.ca if your family has any thoughts to share! 



Adventure Backpack 

Adventure backpacks are available to sign out at the London Children’s Museum’s front desk*. This backpack includes noise-cancelling headphones, transition timers, a printed copy of our social story, and visual supports. 

*Available on a first-come, first-served basis

Sensory Support

Weighted lap blankets are available at the front desk and in the TD My Place in Space star lab*. 

*Available on a first-come, first-served basis 


For visitor convenience, a coat room is located on the first floor. Strollers can be parked in this area. Valuables should always be kept with you, as we do not offer secure storage for personal items. 


Prepare for a visit to the London Children’s Museum by reading a first-person story narration

Visual Supports 

If your child would benefit from visual supports, such as pictures of our exhibits, please click here to view our collection. 

Restrooms and Changing 

Baby changing tables are available in the women’s and men’s washroom on the first floor. An adult-sized changing table is available in the family washroom on the second floor. Family washrooms on the second and third floor offer manual flush toilets to accommodate sound sensitivities. 


Support Workers

Personal support people are welcome to attend the London Children’s Museum at no cost when they are accompanying individuals they support. The London Children’s Museum also accepts the Access 2 Card.

Calm and Quiet 

If your child needs a quiet space while at the London Children’s Museum, My Artic Discovery, the Lookout, and London Hydro You’ll Make a World of Difference are great exhibits to visit. If you are hoping to experience the London Children’s Museum during a quieter time, weekday afternoons are typically less busy. 


Wheelchairs and strollers can reach every area in the Children’s Museum. For visitor convenience, a standard elevator is available. Most exhibits are fully accessible and full of learning opportunities for every visitor. If you have any questions, please contact our Visitor Services team at 519-434-5726 or info@londonchildrensmuseum.ca.

Sensory Considerations 

For a detailed description of all our exhibits, head to our exhibit overview here